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Our Mission

Too many people are dying without a Will. Unplanned deaths have devastating consequences for the family members left behind. FRisk wants to change that.

Our Story

Martin Holdsworth (CEO) founded FRisk in order to combat the growing phenomenon of "disorganised deaths" which he regularly encounters as the MD and founder of IDR Law, the only law firm in the country that specialises solely in inheritance dispute resolution. 

"In virtually every dispute I have dealt with, there comes a realisation by the affected family that, if only their loved one had put plans in place during life, then all the financial, emotional and litigious suffering could have been avoided."

In 2019, Martin set out to find a solution and began building a team of tech engineers, lawyers and financial professionals to drive the vision forward. 

A year later FRisk was launched.

We believe in ...

Breaking the taboo

Understandably death is not top of the list of conversations, but avoiding it altogether is simply not an option. FRisk is designed to be a wake-up call – but one that immediately moves the user to a solution through a simple interface to those that can help.

Building a product that is simple and enjoyable to use

Taking less than 10 minutes from registration to personal FRisk report, FRisk speeds up the death planning process significantly. It tells users exactly what their own family would face if they lost capacity or died yesterday before providing an instant “one click” link to vetted providers.

Benefits for all

FRisk has been designed with input from both the financial and legal sector so it provides all subscribers and partners with benefits beyond the needs of individual clients.

Bold ambitions 

FRisk has set the bold goal of reducing the number of people without wills from its existing level of 65% to below 50%.

FRisk donates 10% of net profits to Grief Encounter, a charity helping families deal with the death of loved ones.

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FRisk is a trading name of FRisk Reports Limited (Company registration No. 11624809). FRisk is not a law firm and does not provide regulated legal advice.