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What is FRisk?

FRisk is primarily a sales tool for your clients that consolidates and offers various estate planning services from your own partners or a panel of our expert providers. But it does so much more...

FRisk safely creates mortality momentum through its Family Risk Report. This document is personal to your clients, telling them the risks that their family currently face upon his/her death. 

Take the legwork out of selling your own estate planning services. Set yourself up as a service provider, invite your target clients and watch the referrals come in

You can choose your own service providers for other estate planning solutions, allowing you to maintain current business relationships whilst benefitting from increased volumes

Business Benefits


Increased uptake of your own estate planning services


Offer your clients comprehensive estate planning solutions all in one report


Stand out from the crowd with this unique service


Show your employees that you really care by helping them to look after their loved ones.

Client Journey

The Family Risk Report

How much does it cost?

We can create a tailored subscription plan to suit your business with various options

  • Charge your clients £14.99 per report (you keep £4.99) or make it free to access by paying a monthly subscription. 

  • Offer your own estate planning services on the report or use other companies.

  • Use your own preferred service providers for estate planning services or use FRisk's expert vetted panel.

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Step 1: Register, enter your family data, and pay

Data entry is simple and intuitive. You will be asked to answer a series of basic questions about your family, lifestyle and finances (no need for precise figures). You can return and edit this section at any time before submitting your final report. Payment will be taken from your client before they view their report.

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FRisk is a trading name of FRisk Reports Limited (Company registration No. 11624809). FRisk is not a law firm and does not provide regulated legal advice.