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The smarter way to avoid a disorganised death.

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Smart software

FRisk tells you what problems your family would face if you died or lost mental capacity.



Answer some simple questions. It takes less than 10 minutes.


FRisk report

View your results instantly. FRisk identifies and explains the issues specific to you and your family.


expert help

Choose from recommended solutions. FRisk provides a no-fee, no-obligation introduction to any services you need. 

Once you understand the risks your family face on your death, you'll want to do something about it.

Do you know what will happen to your partner, children, house, savings, debts, tax, pension, pets and digital assets when you die? Many of us don't know and don't like to think about it...



We at FRisk believe that it is crucial that you understand the potential financial and practical effects of your death on those you care most about. After all, you don't know what you don't know! Let us help with that.





FRisk tells you the risks affecting your family and how to take action - we'll even recommend experts who can help!* 

*No obligation. No hidden costs involved.

What's in your frisk report ?

Your Frisk Report is personal to you and your family – it tells you what might happen to your family and finances if you died unexpectedly without proper planning in place. FRisk covers everything from your estate's inheritance tax liability to predicted funeral costs. Your report includes tailored recommendations on how to address the specific risks identified in your case.


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FRisk is a trading name of FRisk Reports Limited (Company registration No. 11624809). FRisk is not a law firm and does not provide regulated legal advice.